Monday, November 13, 2006


In this page, HMChu(Chu-Fu-Chian-Shuei 左營四甲 朱府千歲) is the main. The sedan here is glorious, and 1 st HMChu with 2 nd HMChu are side by side together.
Another two sedans are belonging GOP II and III (北極玄天二上帝 北極玄天三上帝)respectively. Noted, the"Bu-Ho 部後 is different from "tsoying" 左營 )


聖公廟很迷你 卻也有土地公(福德正神)座鎮 更炫的是這土地公也有自己的神轎 圖中神轎兩翼 均有"符令"貼注 可任人取之 有護身保平安的效果 另圖 是聖公聖婆(?)的儀容
這是全台唯一具相的"有應公" 很希罕的 The temple of Saint Gon (SG) is minimal in outer feature, but still there is GOL( god of land, Tu-Di-Gon 土地公), and the GOL have had private sedan. There are god-provide documents on bilateral side of the sedan of GOL, which is provide for whom want to be a protection for personal and/or whole family. Another pictures to show the real face of Saint-Gon( Saint Grandpa) and Saint-Po(Saint Grandma, his wife). This is the only statues of Yo-In-Gon( God of reward when request 有應公 ,有求必應) exclusively in Taiwan.


此次的主考官是"元帝廟 北極玄天上帝 GOP" 監考官是"鳳邑舊城城隍廟 勒封顯佑伯 城隍尊神" 還有 先鋒官"太陽星君".....
充滿 神界的人間化 也是傳統信仰的具像化
The chief inspector this time is GOP( God of Polar Star, Yuan-Di Temple), associated inspector is GOC( God of Castle, or God of County, or God of City). It is similar the scene of human being, solidarity of god's world as traditional belief.


It is similar the traditional religional carnival, the puppet-like god models, and Ba-Chia Chian( Eight Familial General) always present, and more recently, the Main Inspector, Associated Inspector have had their normalized titles. 與各式各樣的民間信仰習俗相似 巨型神偶像與八家將 都會出現 比較現代化的是 "主考官" "監考官".....現在有了正式的招牌

Sunday, November 12, 2006


On that day, Tsoying is fulfilled with mood of carnival. The sedans here are some of them.It is glorious


The Saint Gon( SG 聖公) is in front of Wu-Chia Hsian(五甲巷 which is showed at this website, more previously), and famous of his activity as a God. On Nov. 10 2006, The SG have had a promotion to increase his god-authority via the folk tales as well as traditional religion, and going to Hsiu-Gu-Laun-Hsi,Hua-Lien(花蓮秀姑巒溪 ), then come back on night Nov. 11 and have had a carnival around Tsoying on Nov.12. Almost the whole traditional gods at Tsoying are join this carnival-like parade.The followings are to show the activity.左營聖公於公元二零零六年十一月十一日 赴花蓮秀姑巒溪進香 十二日繞境

Thursday, November 02, 2006

generals of GOP-06

Yes, I am confusing what is the materials of the sculpture. I will ask for the answer.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

generals of GOP-05

The materials of the sculpture are cement-like, unlike a marble.

generals of GOP-04

Although the statues are made in China, said by the CEO of the committe. The Kentaro-style sculptures are fine, for there is no similar one I thought it is handcrafted rather than machine made. The origional color made its fine art, not only a statue of popular god.