Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yuan-Di Temple's miracle元帝廟的"立筊"奇蹟

The miracle of "stand cup" is noted at Apr.20 2007, next day of birthday of God of Polar. One of the cup is attaching the skirt of table rather than on the ground. In Taiwan popular religion, mostly Taoist, "Show Cup" is to show god's hint by prayer's show in front of god. One positive one negative means O.K., two positive means" willlllllll....", two negative means "wait.........", and the cup not on the ground but standing or attached to table skirt means "Miracle".In this picture, is at 7 o'clock of table skirt(marked by yellowish line).The "Stand cup" means some kinds of God's minds or hints, and must be interpretated via another procedures to know what is God's will.

元帝廟的"立筊" 就在上帝爺公生日的次日 此筊附於"桌圍"的七點鐘方向(以黃線圈出)

民間傳說 這樣的神跡 通常是吉兆 或神明有指示 要藉由另外的程序請示.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy birthday God of Polar上帝爺公生日快樂

Every lunar March 3th is birthday of God of Polar, Pei-Gi-Shuan-Tien-Shan-Di. The gods of nearboring are join to the Birthday Eve Party, there are Chin-Shuei Temple,Chou-Tze,Tsoying(左營洲仔清水宮)., Pao-An Temple,Fu-Ding-Gin,Kaohsiung(高雄市鼎金保安宮)., Tong-An Temple, Ker-Tze-Liao, Tze-Guan Hsian,Kaohsiung County(高雄縣梓官鄉蚵仔寮通安宮)., Yuan-Shuai Fu et San-Shan-Gou-Wang Fu, Yo-Chang, Nan-Tze(高雄市右昌元帥府與三山國王府).,Chia-Cheu Temple, Chia-Kum, Tze-Guan Hsian(梓官鄉赤崁赤慈宮).,Cheu-Chi Temple, Tsoying(左營慈濟宮) Fon-Gu Temple, Tsai-Gon, Tsoying(左營菜公豐谷宮)

Monday, April 09, 2007

洲仔清水宮 左營尾北里Cho-Tze,Chin-Shuei Temple

洲仔 位於左營蓮池潭東邊 屬尾北里 洲仔濕地 現在已成為生態保護要地 洲仔的祖師廟 主祀 清水祖師(又名 清水宮)規模不輸三峽祖師廟 是洲仔居民的信仰中心

Cho-Tze is located at east of Lotus Lake, is now a ecological center. The Cho-Tze Temple( Chin-Shuei Temple) is the religious center of local resident, the chief god is God of Clean Water. The architeture is similar to that of Shan-Shia's(Taipei county)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tsoying's another festival左營聖公路南天宮進香前

There are many kinds of religious festival in Tsoying. This time is gods of Nan-Tien Temple at Saint Gon Road, Tsoying, will going to Shui-Hai,Mu-Dan, Ping-Dong to get more god-power.

左營聖公路南天宮的眾神祇 在當日往屏東牡丹旭海進香前的情形 開光神轎的特寫 捐贈者一覽表