Sunday, April 27, 2008

20080427媽祖婆生日快樂 (整建中的左營豐穀宮)

April 28 2008( lunnar March 23) is the birthday of Matsu. The Residnt's Matsu is at Feng-Gu Temple, a sister temple of Yuan-Di Temple. They are managed by a committee, The management committee of Tsoying Yuan-Di Temple and Feng-Gu Temple TMCTYDFGT. The history of Feng-Gu Temple could trace back to about 100 years ago The initial site of temple of GOA, god of agriculture, is at inner casttle. For the military reason, the Japanese forced to leaving the place. Since the GOA is public, belonging the citizen, and neither two "Emperor" gods in one temple, then another new temple is set up at the present site (now, unreconstruction till 080429).The Matsu of Tsoying ordinary residents is then moving to Feng-Gu Temple as a powerful abiblity to dissolve the endemic plague-like diseases, from Pei-Gang as a branch. The belief of Matsu is so populized that even there is a Chinese, esp. Fuchien and Canton series, there is Matsu temple. On Tsoying, it is more prominent for there are so many private temples and many Matsu's branches noted.Here, the temple is under reconstruction, and the statues are moving to adjacent, temporary house.

On the main chamber, Matsu is at left side with new clothes and crown-hat

On the right chamber is the God of Land, who management hte temple.

On left chamber is God of Prince, Lee-No-Za

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy birthday to GOB,駐生娘娘聖誕千秋20080425

疫司神 是我最尊敬的神祇之一 在東廡 God of Destroy the Evil,at Eastern Chamber. The popular respected.
考功司神 則是莘莘學子的保護神 在西廡 God of Test(?), at Western Chamber, is Guard of Students.

城隍尊神 的另一座 Third statue of God of City, at Left Inner Chamber, for dissoloving anything popular problems.
這是 右廂房 供奉 福德正神 This right inner chamber, just rigth to main god--God of City, as repect for God of Land or Local.

清 鳳山縣舊城城隍廟 東西配殿的各司神祇 這是西廡報司爺 This is Western Chamber, God of Rewards

這是東廡 公德爺 This is Eastern Chamber, God of Test, Credit....

註生娘娘的神姿 The God of Birth, having her new crown
分香於各處的註生娘娘 都回來共襄盛舉 The ,gods as GOB branched from this temple are come back to enjoy the ceremony.

請看 連城隍尊神的冠帽 都以金泊飾之 The new crowns, and/or hats are decorated by golden materials as well as a new one.