Sunday, June 28, 2009

090628(leap 0506)左營清水宮天上聖母謁祖進香--2

List of donation

Descendants of the temple, not only the belivers . There are Mr. Huang C K-- The Chief of the temple., Mr. Huang L. T.,Mr. Fan C., Mr. Huang K.M., and Mr. Huang ...

The Elders: Mr. Hsieh D.F., Mr. Huang T.S,

Elder Mr.Hsieh D. C, and Chief of Prayer,Mr. Huang Y.J

The opening ceremony before whole the festival is conducting under the taoist's actions."decamp and go for goal" This is the Re-enhance Festival of Matzu of Tsoying Chin-Shuei Temple, FMR Huang's family temple, the destination is the origional temple--Pei--Kang's Matzu

The ceremony is first conducted by Red-hat taoist, then the Red-band-white-- skirt(FMR was with normally skirt with woven sculpture) taoist--acting different rules by different suites although same person sometimes.

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